Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Advantages of a Glass Shower Cabin

Glass shower cabin has a number of advantages. Let’s consider them in more detail. The glass shower cabin can be made individually according to specific sizes. Therefore, you do not need to adjust and think about how to raise or lower the floor to fit the construction in the room. This feature will allow you to design the interior of the room as you wish.
Space saving. Glass shower cabins occupy much less space than a classic bath. At the same time, they look much more stylish and fit in almost any interior. Especially the problem of size is important for old houses, where very small rooms of about 6-8 m2 are allocated for bathrooms.

Time-saving. A morning shower will take much less time than taking a bath. This is an important advantage for anyone who likes to sleep an extra half an hour. Lack of splashes and damp in the room. Taking a shower in a regular bath causes splashes to fly across the room, and steam is causing fungus and tile damage.

Nothing will not protect from these troubles as good as a full hermetic cabin. Reduced water costs. Tariffs for gas and hot water are growing steadily, so you need to save. Water consumption in the cabin is much lower than in the open bath. Aesthetics. Showers made of glass look just amazing! They will not only complement the interior of the room, but also reliably protect it from damage due to excessive dampness. Masters of Giovani Glass will supply glass doors for every taste, so you can safely plan the interior of the room. Elementary service. Unlike baths that rust over time, darken, need to be re-covered with enamel or acrylic, glass showers will always look great. Wash the cabin once a week and there will be no problems.


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