Thursday, February 28, 2019

Use of tempered glass for shower doors

The tempered glass doors for a shower room are modern, convenient, practical, hygienic and very stylish!
Both in studio-type apartments, where the bathroom is part of the common space, and in traditional bathrooms, the glass door to the shower visually adds light, air, and spaciousness. It is appropriate both in futuristic interiors and in the classic design options for bathrooms.

In addition, glass, as a material, has a number of invaluable features:
• It is chemically inert (i.e., does not change its original properties, regardless of the aggressiveness of the environment)
• Resistant to microorganisms (since it is not a living environment for them)
• Does not corrode and does not emit harmful substances during exploitation.
In terms of construction and design, glass has had only one disadvantage - its fragility. But modern technologies left it in the past. The tempered glass of our time is 5-10 times stronger, and not only not inferior, but also surpasses many materials in shock resistance.
This factor led to the fact that the glass doors for the shower became very popular and widespread. Giovani Glass offers transparent shower partitions with hinged or sliding doors. Each project is developed individually, depending on the needs of the customer, the specific size and design of the bathroom.

Tempered glass with a thickness of 8 to 12 mm is used for the production of glass doors. Even after destruction, it does break into large dangerous fragments, but into small fractions with a side of not more than 1-1.5 cm and crumbles vertically. This means that the use of glass doors in the bathroom is completely safe.


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