Monday, March 25, 2019

Sliding glass shower doors

Sliding glass shower doors are, today, perhaps the most common type of shower door. Such doors are found in shower cubicles and showers in private homes or apartments, as well as in public places: shower rooms at sports centers, spa saloons, etc. What is the reason for the high popularity of sliding shower doors?
Aesthetics is the main feature of sliding glass shower doors. Sliding doors can be decorated with a stylish plastic or metal frame, and can also be solid glass, which looks very elegant, modern. Such doors immediately add freshness to the design of the bathroom.

It is recommended to use tempered or laminated (triplex) glass for sliding shower doors. Such glass is much stronger than usual and can withstand large loads. With the proper operation of the glass shower, doors will serve for a very long time.

By the way, not only the strength of glass in the shower doors matters. The aesthetic appeal of the glass door is also very important. That is why various methods of decorative glass processing are used, including sandblasting, engraving, decorative films, printing on glass, painting, etc.
Today, sliding shower glass doors are often made in a shaped form, and such shower cabins look very attractive.

An important element of sliding glass shower doors is the fittings. High-quality hardware will not "jam", provide a smooth and silent sliding door operation. The coverage of high-quality fittings for sliding shower doors is not erased, it retains its original appearance for a long time.

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