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Tinted glass shower door

Tinted glass shower door
Tinted glass shower door
The shower door of tinted glass has become very popular in recent times. Designers have already applied it to the bathroom interior, because:

• The idea of ​​using an easy-to-clean and not very dirty mineral glass that is stable in moisture and alkaline-acidic media is quite reasonable. Such doors have many qualities and advantages. Therefore, they will not fail with their quality, but will delight you and not make you regret such a choice.

• Also, if you do not want to be seen in the shower, then tinted doors will help you. Thanks to them, you can not worry being in the shower that you will be visible. You can easily retire to a shower stall and relax under a hot shower

• You can choose the shade of your toning for the shower door, so that it is better suited to your design. Wah and generally tinted glass shower door looks very rich and expensive. Such a luxury everyone will like.
Tinted glass shower door
Tinted glass shower door

• Convenient equipment and installation captivates many. Tinted doors for a shower stall do not have problems and troubles for a good and reliable installation. Moreover, they correspond to any form of shower. Even if your shower has certain features, then for such glass doors it will not become a hindrance.
• Only at first glance they are fragile. Glass tinted doors for a shower, of course, not armored, but very durable. You can only break them with a sledgehammer. And if they break, it does not matter. At destruction such glass is showered, breaking up into a fine crumb. When glass breaks, the edges of the fragments become blunt. This is possible due to the special processing technology. 

Therefore, such fragments can not be hurt.
Proceeding from this, you should think about buying such doors to your bathroom. When you purchase such tinted glass doors for a shower stall, you will not be happy


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