Friday, May 3, 2019

Keep glass shower doors sparkling with these pro tips

 glass shower doors
 glass shower doors
Glass is the material with which problems almost never arise. Due to its quality, it practically does not create any difficulty, no matter what it is: toned, frosted or transparent. Therefore, it is often chosen for shower doors. But so that the glass does not let you down, you must also take care of it correctly, then it will not crack and scratch.

All that is needed to achieve this effect is to wipe the walls and doors of the shower cabin regularly and dry it with a wiper that protects the surface from dust settling. Using such a small instruction, this avoids white deposits and stains on the shower surface overabundance of mineral salts in tap water. For best results, you should not use cheap chemicals or those made by hand, we recommend using professional tools with good quality. Experts recommend the use of special tools. Most often, these are sprays that do not require rubbing on the surface. Since poor-quality chemicals not only do not give the desired effect, they can also damage the glass itself. Therefore, keep an eye on such nuances.

glass shower door
glass shower door

Another subtlety: after applying a cleaning agent to the surface, you need to wait a bit to dissolve the plaque. After that, use a special rubber scraper, perfectly removes pollution.

However, it should be remembered that in order to achieve good results, care for the doors and walls of glass is necessary after each use. The maintenance task can be facilitated by the presence of an anti-flame coating, which not only prevents dust from settling on the surface, but also repels water perfectly, preventing the formation of lime deposits.

Knowing these tips now, you can easily keep your shower cabin and its doors in perfect cleanliness!


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