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Features and types of glass ceilings

There are several main varieties of such ceilings, which today are in demand for decorating residential and commercial premises. Among them are:

frosted - popular for arranging office and residential premises. Due to the special properties of the surface, such ceilings do not have the ability to distort the visual perception of the size of the room;
glass ceiling with photo printing. This option will decorate any living room or hall. The theme of the print contributes to the creation of a unique atmosphere in the room;
tinted and painted according to RAL. This type of design is most appreciated by romantics and creative people. If you choose the glass ceiling of this teed, you can easily turn an ordinary room into a cozy nest;
backlit ceilings. Add aesthetics and originality to any of the listed types of ceiling will allow the installation of LED lights of various colors and intensities.
Illuminated glass ceiling - aesthetics and functionality
This kind of ceiling creates a special atmosphere in any room. It will highlight your home, emphasize its sophistication and bring that special, unforgettable share of piquancy to it. Two methods are used to create a harmonious composition of glass and light:

It is necessary to install a glass ceiling 15-20 cm below the main ceiling, and install LED strips or lamps in the resulting space.
Lighting devices are installed in niches around the perimeter of the canvas, without requiring indentation.
Features and types of glass ceilings
Features and types of glass ceilings

Features and types of glass ceilings
Features and types of glass ceilings

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