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Interior doors

An integral part of any repair of a multi-room apartment or house has always been and will be interior doors. And if earlier they were for the most part only a functional interior item, not related to furniture, today it is also a wonderful element of decor that brings a little luxury to our everyday life.

Modern tempered glass is an excellent material for refining a doorway. Along with strength and durability, glass interior doors have another very significant advantage - transparency. Thus, the installation of an interior door made of tempered glass will help to give even the most ordinary interior a little aesthetics.

It is generally accepted that glass is a synonym for lightness and cleanliness, and we cannot disagree with this, because as our practice shows, the interior is simply being transformed beyond recognition. In addition, through the doors you will see what is happening in the next room and see who comes in advance.

On the one hand, this is a great advantage, but it cannot be said that it suits absolutely everyone, depending on the functional features of a particular building. The question also lies in the layout of the room.

So if you are firm in your decision to buy an interior door inexpensively, but don’t want to turn your life into a kind of “reality show” for your relatives, but wish to keep as much privacy as possible - no problem, you can put frosted sandblasted doors pattern, which also look pretty stylish, but are not transparent.

Interior doors
Interior doors

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